Lynn Biddick
altLynn Biddick   singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist


Lynn Biddick was born in the upper Mississippi River town La Crosse WI, and started playing the piano at age 5. She wrote her first song at the age of 9 while riding a bicycle. She says,” My creative work has always had a multi-tasking element running through it. I have never done just one thing at a time.”

Her first professional gig involved playing a soprano saxophone while dressed as a Keystone Cop in an amusement park comedy band.

She moved to Boston MA to attend Berklee College of Music where she majored in piano and composition.  When she moved out of the dorms, she taught herself how to play a mountain dulcimer, which became an important part of her performing and songwriting.  She was a street musician in Boston and Cambridge, and eventually moved into the clubs and coffeehouses in New England.

Her interest in songwriting eventually took her to Nashville, where she founded the successful Born To Cook show along with Grammy winner Gillian Welch. Gillian penned the song “I Don’t Want To go Downtown” and  debuted it at one of the shows, but  never recorded it.  Lynn does a piano version of it on her new album, Ghost In The Bed.
While in Nashville, Lynn recorded an EP with producer Brad Jones (Josh Rouse, Jill Sobule) and one of the songs on it “Open Road” would go on to win the songwriting contest at Merlefest in North Carolina.

She has included a piano version of that song on Ghost In The Bed also, which was recorded in La Crosse WI, and co-produced  with Grammy winning mastering engineer Brett Huus (Bill Miller, Cedar Dream Songs).
She currently lives in La Crosse where she continues multi-tasking as a singer /song writer, piano, voice and classroom music teacher, choir director, and harmonium player in the Coulee Celtic Band.

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